Strange Telephone v2.0.1 (Paid)

Strange Telephone v2.0.1 (Paid)
Requirements 2.3.3+
Overview Strange Telephone (Strange Telephone) is a multi-ending 2D adventure game using pixel art.

The main character ‘Jill’ got trapped in a strangely dark world with a big door floating in front of me.
Basically I can not move from that place.
It is “Graham” which gave her the power to call such a figure.
By calling through Graham you can create various worlds and explore the world.
It is a game aimed at getting out of this world where you get keys using various eye items scattered around each place.

You can collect items and create various flags in the world that is automatically generated by making a phone call.
If the same number is multiplied, the same world is generated so that it is also possible to share numbers with other people (there is no direct communication mechanism.)

Basic operations
· Move and examine objects directly.
· Enter the number according to the telephone screen with the “Call” button and the world is automatically generated.

– Fixed bug that endings, archives, settings disappeared (tentative)
– Fixed a bug that scanning line setting is not reflected on the title screen and setting screen
– Fixed bug of “Kakakaku” fixed
– Fixed an issue where the Geo-I and Geo-II entries were reversed
– Fixed a bug that charging button does not work on iOS

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